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The Succ Stops Here Soap


The Succ Stops Here soap is cold-process  soap with glycerin soap embeds.  It has a complex, fresh aroma of eucalyptus and resinous pine, and a woody base of rosemary, cedar, and oakmoss.

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The Succ Stops Here soap is an artisan cold-process soap made with coconut milk and glycerin soap succulent embeds.  It has a complex, fresh aroma of eucalyptus and resinous pine, and a woody base of rosemary, cedar, and oakmoss.  Eucalyptus and oakmoss are the first scents you will identify.  Those scents will then give way to a slightly sweet crisp finish from the resinous pine as you rinse the suds away!

This beautiful bar of soap resembles layers of soil with soap rock embeds.  Also included is walnut shell powder and apricot seed powder, which provide texture and a speckled appearance.   Glycerin soap succulents are made with detergent-free glycerin soap and an assortment of purple and green mica colorants.

The primary ingredients in The Succ Stops Here soap include olive oil,  water, coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, and sweet almond oil.    I use only RPSO-certified palm oil all of my soaps to ensure that the palm oil is responsibly sourced.

These bars are sizeable because I wanted each bar to have a nice assortment of succulents on display!  Although each bar of The Succ Stops Here is unique with slight variations in size, they are approximately 6.0 oz.

Want to see this soap being cut?  Here's a short video on YouTube:

Additional information

Weight 6.2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in

Cucumber, Grass, Honey, Geranium, & Oak Moss


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