3 Cookie Designs Using Edible Moss

April 7, 2020

What's Edible Moss? What Do You Do With It?

Let’s talk edible moss! There are not an enor-moss (!😳!) number of uses for edible moss, but when you can use it, boy does it pack a punch, visually.  The photo above is my Easter cookie assortment for this year.  The 3 cookie designs using edible moss jump out at you, don’t they? EDIBLE MOSS, man. It’s where it’s at. 

So, let’s focus on the three cookie designs below that feature the edible moss.  In this post, I will be including 4 tutorial video links (I’ll post them near the bottom so you don’t squirrel off right away!).

  • How to Make Edible Moss the Easy Way
  • Edible Moss Bunny Cookie
  • Carrot Cookie with Edible Moss
  • Flower Cookie with Edible Moss
Edible Moss bunny cookie and carrot cookie featuring edible moss
Easter Mason jar cookie and flower cookie with edible moss center

What Is Edible Moss?

Just a few months ago, I was asking myself that question.  Actually, I stumbled across some pictures of woodland creature cookies somewhere on Pinterest, and the woodland creatures had moss covered logs and rock cookies and right then, I was hooked.

Edible moss can be made many different ways, and my way is, I think, the easiest.  There are recipes that start with making cookie dough, coloring it green, making cookies, letting them dry out, and then crumbling them into bits to make edible moss. Some people bake cookies, let them dry, crumble them up, and then mix in food coloring to make the moss color.  

My recipe starts with graham crackers (and if I had gone to the store, I would have made it even easier and just bought graham cracker crumbs and started there!), that I beat the tar out of with a rolling pin, tossed with food coloring mixed with vanilla rum (which bakes off but smells AWESOME), and then toasted in the oven to crisp back up.

What Do You Do With Edible Moss?

If you do a Pinterest search on edible moss, you will get a BUNCH of edible moss recipes and a few edible moss bunny cookie pics that look like mine.  I would go so far as to say that bunnies are the most common application of edible moss on a cookie.  There are also a lot of edible moss cake designs, cupcake designs, and I even think I saw an edible terrarium (which I’m probably going to have to try soon!). 

There are so many edible moss bunnies on the internet, I wouldn’t even begin to know how to track the origin in order to credit someone.  It’s a deep rabbit hole of edible moss bunnies. 🙂

Here’s a close up of my bunny.  This helps to illustrate why I like using graham crackers vs. starting with green cookies…I really like the variety you get between the browns of the graham crackers and the various greens.  I feel like it looks more organic this way.

Close up edible moss bunnie cookie

So I made my edible moss, and I made my bunny…but there was a lot of leftover moss.  I looked at my other Easter-y cutters to see what else I could maybe do. 

Decorated carrot cookie with edible moss
Flower cookie with edible moss

Both of those designs were pretty quick an easy, and the tutorials are only a couple of minutes each.  I hope you enjoy them and that I have managed to answer the mystery behind edible moss

If it makes you happy, give it a try!  Let me know if you do.

Items used for these cookies are listed below.  Some of the links below are affiliate links and if you make a purchase through any of the links, I may receive a small comission at no additional cost to you.  If you do, thank you in advance for your support of this blog. 

I use tipless piping bags for all of these cookie decorations.  I control the flow of the icing by cutting different size holes in the tipless bag.  This allowed me to use one consistency of icing for outlining and flooding the cookie.  I did the outlining first, and then cut a slightly larger hole in the bag to flood.  The tipless piping bags I prefer are found in my resourced page, here

Food colors used in this project are: 
GREEN: A mixture of Leaf Green and Electric Green (I used a different brand because it was open and I was finishing it up, but the colors are nearly identical and I prefer the Americolor gels)

ORANGE: A mixture of orange and touch of chocolate brown, and I mean the teeniest tiniest amount.

YELLOW:  A mixture of lemon yellow, and then I added a blob of the orange mixed above (the icing itself, not the gel coloring) to tone it down a little bit.




St. Patrick’s Day Decorated Sugar Cookies

March 11, 2020

Shamrocks, Leprechauns, and Pots o' Gold cookies!

Are you feeling lucky?  Then try your hand at some fun St. Patrick’s day decorated sugar cookies!  After a few years of trial and error, I have finally settled on a sugar cookie recipe that I think is perfect.  You can see from the photo and tutorials (below) that the dough keeps it’s shape, but it’s also SO tasty and full of Madagascar vanilla bean paste…so it’s not the least expensive cookie recipe, it’s just the yummiest. 🙂 .  The dough is also nice and moist in the middle.  There’s a secret ingredient to provide that moisture.  Can you guess what it is?  I bet you can, you clever friend. 

Grab the recipe here:  A Mandatory Activity sugar cookie recipe

I ordered a batch of three cutters from Semi Sweet Designs this season, which can be found here: Semi Sweet Designs St. Patrick’s Day cutters.  It’s not an affiliate link, I’m just a fan.

I always love the part about cookie-ing where random shapes turn into lovely recognizable things, that sometimes even have personality.  Here’s what happened…

Below are links to the 3 videos on YouTube with the designs used for these cutters.  If you already follow me on YouTube, you will have already seen the shamrocks and leprechauns, but the pot o’ gold cookies are hot off the press, so I’ll post that tutorial first (lest you think this post offers you nothing new)! 

I had a blast making these cookies, and I hope you will too if you try these! 

Supplies used for these projects are listed within the videos, and you can also find links to some of my favorite decorating tools on my resources page (piping bags that work beautifully without tips!), icing colors, scribe tool, etc. 


Love, Amanda

How Fancy Are Fancy Sprinkles?

February 28, 2020

How Fancy Are Fancy Sprinkles? Fan-Freaking Fancy!

So, I was lying in bed one night, scrolling through my IG feed and BOOM, Fancy Sprinkles ad.  I think it’s safe to say that I spent about an hour combing through the website before I decided it was too late and I was making poor decisions, and then came back to it the next day, credit card in hand. 

Fast forward yet another hour and my order had been placed.  Fast forward another week or so and a shared love of sprinkles convinced a friend and I that we should absolutely sign up for the monthly subscription.  Who doesn’t need 3 jars of fancy sprinkles EVERY MONTH.  Nobody.  Everybody needs those.  I’m just going to keep saying that until my husband agrees with me. 🙂

Fast forward AGAIN to a week or so later, and the box arrived.  I ran up to the craft room and turned on the camera.  I’m more than a little embarrassed to share the unboxing video, because I’m an absolute goofball, but here we are.  The thing is, I don’t think I fully considered whether I would post the video, and because I wasn’t sure, I was really myself and totally relaxed…so much so that I was drooling a little (you’ll have to watch it now, won’t you?  If you were on the fence before and maybe didn’t believe that I am embarrassed, telling you that I’m drooling will likely get you to click it, right?  Animals. :)) 

The box had an unfortunate life on the road, and there is a total glitter explosion, but somehow being covered in glitter for the whole video made it all that much more festive! If I can entertain you here, I’ve done my job for the day.  This is just a silly unboxing video, but MAN did it make me happy.  

One thing to mention is that the video refers to a prior video for shamrock cookies on YouTube, which I haven’t yet posted on the blog.  I’m working on shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold and while that will be either 2 or 3 videos, it’s only going to be one blog post.  If you are only subscribed to the blog and you want real-time video content, consider subscribing to YouTube as well.

For the record, this is not a sponsored post, and there are no affiliate links here (although I wouldn’t mind a replacement spilled prism powder if Fancy Sprinkles happens to read this!), and in the meantime, cross your fingers for me that THIS isn’t the video that ends up going viral.

Everything mentioned in the video is from the Fancy Sprinkles website: www.fancysprinkles.com

Enjoy the drooling, my friends!


Valentine’s Day Llama Cookies!

February 14, 2020

Do you llove llamas?? Enjoy this quick video tutorial for decorated llama Valentine's Day cookies!

Hi Friends! Today’s post is going to be a quick one.  Mostly I’m going to post the video below, which is only about 3 minutes since I sped it up a little, but I did want to mention a few items.

Throughout the video, I show some of the products that I’m using, and on my resources tab you will find links to things like my preferred icing bags, and the little detail brush I used for this cookie.  I’ll link it here.  There is a edible image printed on frosting sheets as part of this project.  I know, I know…nobody has an edible printer at home unless they are running a bakery, or ARE ME.  I end up using the thing all the time and I like the convenience of having it at home and being able to design things on the fly for projects.  If you stick around this blog long enough, you’ll notice little printed tidbits make their way into my baked goodies quite a bit.  

BUT, do not despair if you don’t have an edible printer, or any desire to buy one.  You can design you own images and do one of two things, depending on what’s available to you locally.  Many grocery store bakeries have printable image cakes, and if you live near one of those, you can generally get the bakery to print you a single sheet of images for just a few dollars.  As a point of reference, I could fit about 60 llama saddles onto one printed sheet, so you can really get a lot of mileage out of one print.

Another option if you have left yourself enough lead time, is to go to www.inkedibles.com.  That website offers you the ability to send them your image and order individual sheets to be mailed back to you.  Here is the link for an individual page.  It’s about $8.50 as I write this today.  There is no affiliate relationship, I just really like their products and as far as I’m concerned, they are the OG’s of edible imagery!

Enjoy this fun cookie.  I hope you llove it!

Love, Amanda

Yoda Cupcakes!

January 31, 2020

Yoda Cupcakes!

Love them you will

Do you share my experience where Star Wars unites people through generations?  A Star Wars themed birthday party is almost always a safe bet, and Star Wars themed cupcake wrappers were one of the first projects I attempted when I got my Cricut about 5 years ago.  I’ll insert pics below with 2 caveats: #1 they are old, pre-blog, pre-new camera, pictures that I took with my old iPhone and never intended for the internet, and #2, in the second one I look like a gigantic spaz and am purposefully pulling a face for my Aunt JuJu, manning the camera 🙂 .  This is easier for me to do knowing that as I write this I currently have 15 subscribers, all of whom know me pretty well.  This will be an embarrassing choice if this is the blog choice that gets traction, but if you read my first blog post https://amandatoryactivity.com/the-blog-post-nobody-will-read/, you will understand that I’m not interested in hiding anymore anyway, so you get it all.  Not every photo is run through a filter, and not every project is perfect.  Part of my mission here is to share some ideas, even when they fail a little…so we can problem solve together.

These cupcakes I designed to hold those little tiny Halloween glow sticks (and in pic 2, i’m somewhat frantically pulling them out, cracking them, and putting them back into their holsters.  The effect was not bad, especially as the lights went down for Happy Birthday singing).  

My purpose for sharing these old pictures with you is to mention that baking and crafts often cross the dividing line for me.  I love taking a baking project and adding a Cricut element, or novel cupcake or cake topper made with the Cricut.  When I decided to take a chance and start the blog, everyone’s advice online is to “niche-down” and pick ONE TOPIC and stick with that, but I’m not following that advice.  I can’t do that because one project often leads to another, and sometimes my Cricut projects become edible. 🙂  So, I’ll try to stay organized at the very least and put the projects into the appropriate heading buckets, but this one is cake decorating AND papercraft.  There’s no way around it. 

For today’s Mandatory Activity, we are making a cupcake, sticking a small Master Yoda (or Master Yoder as it came out in the video –face palm) cookie on the cupcake as a topper, and then making a cupcake wrapper and a robe to stick onto it’s front.  The effect in a group is fun.  Who wouldn’t love a fleet of Yodas?

Materials used for this project are listed below.  Some links are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  If you do, thank you in advance for your support of this blog.

I use the Cricut Explore Air, and I love it.  If you don’t already have a Cricut, I would get the bundle so you have all of the mats and tools you need to get started.

All of my baked goods boxes and cake boards, etc. come from BRP Boxshop. I have used them for years. Shipping is fast and free to 48 of the US States. www.brpboxshop.com
Thanks for joining me, please subscribe with the box below so you received notification of future posts, and if you are enjoying the video portion of these posts, please subsrcibe to my YouTube channel as well.
In the meantime, do what makes you happy, and come back soon!


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Some links on my site are affiliate links.  If you make purchases through affiliate links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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