Crepe Paper Succulent Tutorial

February 17, 2020

How to Make Crepe Paper Succulents!

Have you been reading my blog and watching my videos and thinking “Amanda, I don’t HAVE a Cricut machine, I can’t DO any of this!”?  Well, here’s a crepe paper succulent tutorial that is a Cricut-free paper project! 

This should help get your feet (fingers?) wet…maybe you work your way up to a Cricut. 🙂 

This tutorial shows how to make beautiful crepe paper succulents that I will eventually be using on a rustic wedding centerpiece (see the succulent placecard tutorial for related content).  These succulents get attached to the top of a mason jar lid, and embellished with other paper flowers, leaves, and a little moss, and they become magical! 

As I mention in the tutorial video, I also watched a video to help with the construction of these succulents.  I changed a few things, and there are definitely steps I think are made easier by things like less measuring, but to make sure I properly apply credit for the idea, here is the post I watched first.

Paper succulent on top of mason jar

Do You Love All Things Succulent?

Multiple paper succulents

Succulents have become quite popular over the last few years, and while I have a fairly large collection of actual succulents at home, I think sprinkling some of these throughout the house might also be a nice plan.

This project also helps highlight one of my favorite products, which is Lia Griffith’s double sided crepe paper.  The crepe paper is so stretchy, it makes it really easy to shape these petals with a gentle press.  


Lia Griffith Double Sided crepe paper
Crepe paper succulent petal

I have an embarrassingly large amount of colors of Lia Griffith crepe paper, but I think the double-sided green is actually my favorite, and that is what is used for this project.  The variation between shades of green on each side is slight, but it’s enough that it makes things like petals and leaves look extra dimensional.  Links to Lia’s crepe paper can be found on my resources page, but the specific green one used for this project is the fern/moss color.  

I think this tutorial is easiest to follow using the video link to YouTube below.  There are a lot of steps, but many of them are repetitive and mindless (like making petals).  I made a giant baggie full of petals whilst watching The Masked Singer. 😉  

I will post the materials used for this project below, and encourage you to stay tuned for the next project, where we make the rest of the top of the jar featured above! 

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Lia Griffith fern/moss double-sided crepe paper
My favorite, Art Glitter Glue
Low temp glue gun
Dew drops chalk ink


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