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Cricut Tutorial: Bunny Treat Box

By Amanda Chittenden on April 6, 2020
Bunny Treat Box, How Sweet! I love putting together little treat boxes for Easter for each of the kids that join us for our celebration.  I put a treat box out at the table setting of each kid.  This year's bunny box is the sweetest thing, and this Cricut tutorial is a breeze.  Let me […]

Bunny Treat Box, How Sweet!

I love putting together little treat boxes for Easter for each of the kids that join us for our celebration.  I put a treat box out at the table setting of each kid.  This year's bunny box is the sweetest thing, and this Cricut tutorial is a breeze.  Let me walk you through where to get this file, how to adjust it a little, and finally, a super-easy assembly tutorial.  The assembly for this is only about 5 minutes, it's an impressively simple design! 

Easter Treat Boxes Past...

This is the first Easter that I've had my blog, so let me catch you up on a couple of prior treat boxes (which also happen to both be bunnies!)

Last Year

Last year, the bunny treat box was complicated.  Like, really really complicated.  Ultimately I decided it was so cute, it was worth it.  It was a file from Dreaming Tree, which is one of the trusted resources on my resources tab.  The link to the file from last year is here. (This is an affiliate link).

Look at the back of the bunny at the one across the table!  A small bow and dimensional tail.  Could you die??  You lift off his whole head to get to the goodies inside.  If this interests you, there is a great tutorial on the Dreaming Tree site attached to the file.  It's the tutorial I used last year when I was putting these together.  

Dreaming Tree Bunny Box

Two Years Ago

The year before that, I made little faux chocolate bunny boxes from Lori Whitlock's shop (not an affiliate link).  Not nearly as complex, but still very impactful.  I made them nice and large and crammed them full of toys and candy.  I think each bunny half was cut from a full sheet of 8.5x11 paper...

and...Present Day

The file for this year's bunny treat box is also from the Lori Whitlock shop.  I have an entire step by step video dedicated to how to get Lori Whitlock's files into Cricut Design Space, so the best thing to do is to watch that video first (or refresh your memory if you've already seen it?) so we start the tutorial with the design uploaded into design space. 

I made a couple of minor adjustments to the file, which I walk through in the bunny treat box video tutorial below.  The first adjustment is that I changed the score lines to be solid.  It's just a pet peev of mine...when the score lines are little dashes, which is common in some designer's files, it drives me nuts.  It's an easy fix.  Basically, I replace the square score dash marks with a solid square shape and turn it into a score line instead of a cut line.

Next, I got the file as large as I could before it wouldn't fit on a single mat.  I knew I had lots of treats, and I was worried that this design might not be big enough (it wasn't, so I ended up resizing it and using a few mats to cut it, but that'll be an upcoming post!).

There's a trick to making things fit on mats in Design Space.  If your design is just a little too large for your mat, sometimes if you just rotate the design on an angle, it'll fit!  #Cricuthack!

Once the file was as large as I could get it, I cut out the pieces and went to the assembly table.  This project literally went together in about 5 minutes.  It would be a terrific project if you needed to make multiples!

Fold on score lines
Attach patterned bunny halves
Fold inside flaps
Slide together the outside flaps

And just like that, you're done!  I mention in the video that the largest I am able to get this box by using a single piece of paper, is a box about 4 by 4 inches on the bottom, so you'll need smallish treats.

I hope you enjoy the video!  Happy bunny boxing!

Supply list is below.  Some of these links are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase using one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  If you do, thank you in advance for your support of this blog.

The paper used for the bunny is from the Echo Park Celebrate Easter set, which I can no longer find online. However, there is a digital download of this paper pack for just a few bucks on this website, which I use often. Digital paper is a great way to increase your paper stash without having to buy or store a ton of different paper packs!

 If you would like a physical product, there are some other Echo Park options on Amazon: https: 

Paper used for the box: 

My favorite glue and tiny refillable bottles are both listed in my resources tab here:


Article written by Amanda Chittenden

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