Easter crate placecards

Cricut Tutorial: Easter Crate Placecards

April 11, 2020

Make Placecards Out of Box Card Designs!

I have spoken about this once on my blog, and no doubt I will speak about it again and again, because this is a common hack that I use for holidays and entertaining.  I LOVE making placecards out of box card designs.  This Cricut Tutorial for Easter Crate Placecards is a perfect example. 

Easter crate placecard

Isn’t she lovely?  Placecards make me unnaturally happy.  Miniature versions of things are cute…and this one is no exception.  

Box cards are the perfect foundation for a perfect placecard.  Box cards are, by design, already designed to stand up on their own.  They fold flat, and pop up, and are ready to go for your holiday table, or party table. 


Box card from below

Box Cards Are Gathering/Theme Friendly

If you read my blog or watch my YouTube channel long enough, you will see a lot of box cards turned into placecards (although, in my defense, I also make box cards to use as cards, because they’re just kind of awesome anyway).  Box cards are often very theme friendly, because cards themselves are theme-friendly!  

Need a placecard for a birthday party?  Search for birthday box card designs.  Christmas? Easy.  Thanksgiving? Totes.  We will have so many fun themes to explore over the years, my friends.

The file for this box-card-turned-placecard is here: Lori Whitlock Box Card Easter Crate

Need help getting the file from Lori’s website and into Cricut Design Space?  I have a step by step video tutorial for that!  If you are new to importing SVG’s, I would start there.  


Just a Few File Adjustments to Be Made

Obviously, we need to make the file smaller…that’s kind of a given.  This file was pretty small to begin with, so there’s wasn’t a ton of manipulation to be done.  But to make the placecard functional, you need NAMES.  

I usually like this part of the project…figuring out a creative way to get a name into a box card design.  In this case, I just added a leaf in Design Space and put the name on the leaf in the front of the design.

Design Space screenshot placecard name

And A Couple of Embellishments!

This project was pretty straightforward in terms of construction, but I did make a couple of quick embellishments.  I like to use the Cat’s Eye inks to add dimension to paper pieces, and I did that here, all with the same Cat’s Eye set.  I inked the egg to make it look more round, the flowers to give them some depth, and the leaf to give it a little outline.

Inked egg
Inked base of flower
Inked edge of nametag

For some reason, the blank white inside part of the flower was bothering me….kinda like it was looking at me (?) So I decided it needed an embellishment too (so it would stop looking at me funny, don’t judge).  So I finished it off with some bling.

Empty flower center
Final bling embellishment

Assembly Is Simple, Just 3 Main Pieces

This box card has only 3 main pieces, the crate, and 2 insert pieces (where we added all the flowers and bits).  

Inside image of construceted Easter crate placecard

The assembly tutorial video below will walk you through making the adjustments in Cricut Design Space, doing the embellishments, and putting the pieces together.  Boom. Easter crate placecards!  

Materials used for this project are listed below.  Some links are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  If you do, thank you in advance for your support of this blog.


My favorite glue can be found on my blog resources page, along with Cricut machine recommendations and supplies. 

Most of the papers used in this project are from the Recollections packs that are frequently on sale at Michael’s. 

Cricut paper used for the green insert was: Cricut cardstock 

Patterned paper used in this project was from an Echo Park Easter pack that I can’t find online at the moment, but this is a similar pack.

The Cat’s Eye chalk inks can be found here.  I find they are frequently out of stock in the stackable variety, but you can still usually find singles.  There are dew drop chalk inks that I also enjoy, which are here.



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Some links on my site are affiliate links.  If you make purchases through affiliate links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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