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Cricut Tutorial - Grill Box Card

By Amanda Chittenden on June 19, 2020
Grill Box Card Design This Cricut tutorial will show you how to put together a grill box card for Father's Day!  Frankly, you can save this card design, remove the "Father's Day" bit, and use it as a card for any occasion for the grill master in your life!   For example, I'm reminded of the […]

Grill Box Card Design

This Cricut tutorial will show you how to put together a grill box card for Father's Day!  Frankly, you can save this card design, remove the "Father's Day" bit, and use it as a card for any occasion for the grill master in your life!  

For example, I'm reminded of the BBQ apron birthday card I made for my husband back in January.  This apron card design was from Cricut and was originally a baking-themed you could easily use this grill box card design for anything you want!

BBQ birthday apron card

 The file for today's grill box card, however, is from Lori Whitlock's shop online and can be found here:

I also have a tutorial video dedicated to getting Lori Whitlock's designs out of her shop and into Cricut Design Space.  I'll link that here for you as well in case you need help with third party SVG's

Adjust Grill Box Card Design in Cricut Design Space

Once you have gone through the process of getting the grill box card imported into Design Space, you need to make a few quick adjustments.

I will detail them for you here:

Ungroup to start
Start by ungrouping the file using the ungroup button in the upper right. This will allow you to isolate individual pieces you need to adjust.
Select one of the three inserts
Select one of the three insert pieces (I started with flames) and click inside of the piece until the 2 cut marks are highlighted. You can see in the upper left that the lines are cut lines.
Change cut to score
Change "cut" to "score" in the drop down menu.
Select piece and score lines together
Select the piece and the score lines together...
Attach score lines to piece
In the bottom right, select the attach button to attach the score lines to the piece.

Repeat this process for each of the three small insert pieces.  You can scoot the chicken legs and corn out of your way first. šŸ™‚

Now, this next part is a little tricky to concieve of, but ultimately the same steps as above.  You need to start by isolating the main body of the card.  Every line on that piece is a cut mark.  The problem with this piece is that we actually WANT some of them to we can't just change them all to score marks. 

If you look at the image below, I have pointed out the two marks that you actually want to remain cut marks. The skinny yellow lines are actual cut marks. All of the others should be score marks.  I apologize for the wonky yellow's incredibly hard to get the little virtual pen to make a straight line!

Click inside the piece until the inside rectangle is highlighted.  The two marks I'm pointing to below look like they are going to remain cut marks once you change the others to scores...but they DO change!

These lines will change too

Once you have this rectangle highlighted, go back up to the dropdown menu and change these to score marks as well.

Once you do that, your card base will look like the image below.  Then you can select the card base and the score marks and attach them, just as you did with the other pieces. 

Score marks complete

Next, we need to deal with the little "Happy Father's Day" sign.  Right now, the image is in Design Space as a cut file.  If you're a glutton for punishment and you WANT to cut out and glue out all of the tiny letters, go right ahead. šŸ™‚  Personally, I think it makes more sense to flatten this sentiment and print it out.

To do this, select the Happy Father's Day image and the white rectangle it's sitting on.

Select fathers day sign

And on the bottom right, hit the flatten button as pictured below.

Flatten text

That's it for changes to the actual grill box card file.

But wait! There's no envelope!  Let's make one before we leave Design Space.

Create an Envelope to Accompany Your Box Card

First things first, what size envelope do we need?  Well, when you look at the design, the single large base piece will be folded in half in an envelope.  The height of the card will be the same as pictured in Design Space.  So, with those things in mind, a 5 by 7 envelope should do the trick!

I clicked on images, and just searched "envelope".  I chose a free envelope design so those of you with Cricut Access will be able to pick the same one if you like.  I picked the green one on the bottom pictured here.  Pretty generic envelope.

Select envelope design

Unlock the aspect ratio of the envelope so you can resize it.  My lock is in the upper left instead of lower left because I turned my envelope around.  I'm visually more comfortable when my envelope is the same direction as my card. šŸ™‚

Drag the envelope by the little arrow on the corner until the inside square measures 5 inches tall by 7 inches wide.  I go through this process in the video tutorial as well if this is not something you're familiar with.

Resize to 5 by 7

Now, Let's Put Together Our Grill Box Card!

Sometimes with box cards, assembly can be kind of a mess.  I typically still enjoy those experiences because it's kind of like a puzzle. 

This box card design, however, is actually quite simple.  I'll lay out the steps below:

Ink Any Pieces You May Want, and Assemble the Inserts

Cats Eye Chalk Inks
I use Colorbox Cat's Eye chalk inks to ink the sides of the accent pieces.
Added ink to inside of the corn as well
I also tapped the ink onto the inside of the corn so it didn't look quite so flat...
Put chicken on the bone
I assembled the embellishments for the center piece . Glued the chicken to the bone and the corn husk to the cob
Assembled flames
I placed the smaller flame on top of the larger flame and then added the embellished pieces to the 3 black narrow inserts.
Main card base unfolded
Now, take your main card base piece and fold along your score lines.
Side flaps fold down
When you get to the side panels, fold those down so they will be on the outside of the card.

Put Together the "Box" Part of the Box Card, and Decorate

Glue tab and connect
Put some glue on the tab and connect one side to the other side.
Press down after gluing
Press down as the glue dries. I like to press in both directions with each box card addition...just to make sure all of the pieces are connected well.
Add grilll pieces to the sides
Glue the side grill silver accents down.
Add other silver accent pieces
Then add the other silver accent pieces. Doors, top of the grill, and bar above the grill where the knobs will go.
Flame insert
Next, work on the insert pieces. I started with the rear piece, the flames. Bend the two tabs back (away from you).
glue side flaps
Apply glue to both side flaps.

Glue In the Three Insert Pieces, and Finish Decorations

align back flaps
Align the back of the flaps to the back of the box.
Flatten and press piece
Flatten the card and press the piece into place.
insert second tab
Do the same thing for the second tab, making sure the second tabs line up with the front of the back. It'll look like this...
Insert the final piece
Insert the front piece (the single chicken leg) and this time bend the flaps toward you and line them up with the front of the card.
Attach fathers day and grill tools
Glue down the Happy Father's Day sign and the grill tools on the back behind the flames.
Glue sentiment panel on back
Glue the sentiment panel on the back.

Put Together Your Envelope!

Fold bottom of envelope
Fold up the bottom of your envelope.
Glue sides of envelope
Glue down the sides of the envelope.
Insert card
Your card should fit perfectly in your custom-sized envelope! šŸ™‚

And you're done.  Nice job, You. šŸ™‚

Isn't this part of cardmaking always so satisfying?  I love it.  The only part I love more is being able to see someone's face when they open the card.  I always miss that part when I have to mail a card!

Finished card upright
Finished card folded flat

Prefer A Video Tutorial?

If you would rather watch the video tutorial of these steps, I've got you.  The video itself is about half an hour, but step by step including the Design Space portion. 

Materials used for this project are listed below.  Some links are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  If you do, thank you in advance for your support of this blog.

 Cricut Explore Air:
Cricut Access:
Cricut cardstock:
Heavyweight silver cardstock for grill accents:
Cat's Eye Chalk Inks:
Doodlebug Designs Sprinkles:
Double-sided adhesive and dimensional adhesive squares found here in a variety of sizes:
Links to favorite glue and Cricut supplies are on my blog resources page here:
Join the blog email list here and get notified automatically of new project posts and ideas!
Once again, here is the link to the file on Lori Whitlock's shop in case you don't want to scroll back up for it. šŸ™‚ This is not an affiliate code: 

I hope you enjoyed!


Article written by Amanda Chittenden

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