Completed Mother's Day spa gift box

Cricut Tutorial: Mother’s Day Gift Box

April 23, 2020

Is This Not the Most Adorable Gift Box You've Ever Seen?

In this Cricut tutorial, I will show you how to make a few adjustments to turn a Cricut file for a sweets box, into this Mother’s Day spa gift box!  You could really adjust this design to any number of purposes, but I have some bath bombs that Spencer and I made in this video, and they needed a gift box.  

I’m layering the specialness of homemade bath bombs with a homemade gift box…and it feels GOOD.

A Before and After Look at the Cricut File

Original Sweet Tooth Gift Box Design
This is the original file in Cricut Design Space. I assume it was a goodie box for sweets.
Mother's Day Spa Gift Box
This is the finished design after a few file alterations!

I know, I know…the design is pretty cute all by itself, and I probably could have just done nothing and had a perfectly lovely gift box…but I had visions of a tiny spa dancing in my head, and the changes were pretty easy.

Come on, I’ll show ya!

Manipulate the Original Cricut Gift Box File

I started by selecting the file and taking a look at the components.  There’s not a lot to the structure, but I was immediately turned off by the dozens of tiny flowers, and knew pretty immediately that I wanted them to disappear…but first things first.

  1. I began by making a few rectangles that will fit over the window holes so I could put acetate in them.  I made 2 of those, one for each window.
Rectangle for window acetate

2. Then I started working on the spa sign for the roof.  I went into images and searched for something Mother’s Day-ish.  I finally settled on this image.

Selected image

3. To make the sign, I grabbed another rectangle to put under the image, and used the text feature to write the word “spa”.

Adding spa to sign

4. I selected all of the pieces of the image (mother’s day message, rectangle, and spa) and flattened them into a single printable image.  Then I grabbed another rectangle to put behind it as a border (which I cut out of patterned paper).

Up close spa sign and background

5. Finally, we deal with the irritating flowers.  I deleted those…

Deleted flowers from original design

6. Back in images, I found cut then print flowers I thought would work better, and duplicated and sized them for the bushes.

Then cut it all out!

Replacement flower images

Assemble Your Gift Box Base

Fold along the score lines of you two main box base pieces. It’s also a good time to attach the acetate to the inside of the windows (which I neglected to do before I closed up the box…so don’t make my mistake.

If you use some acetate, make sure you check to make sure you’ve removed the protective film on the outside.

Remove film on acetate
Installed window acetate

I started assembly thinking it would be a piece of cake.  Turns out, there is a WEIRD box bottom on this project.  I tried to fit it together every which way I could, but eventually decided it needed to be glued shut.  Maybe if you were putting something light inside it would matter (although I kind of doubt it), but knowing I had heavy bath bombs to go in, I needed a sturdy bottom.

Bizarre box bottom

I recorded the struggle in the video tutorial, so maybe that will be an easier way to visualize the struggle.  Regardless, this solution worked in the end!

Add Embellishments to the Outside of Your Gift Box

You are ready to add the embellishments to the outside of your gift box. You should start with the windows first, and then the shrubs.

You’ll notice here that the door sits on top of the shrubs, and the shrubs sit on top of the window.  So, windows, shrubs, door, and then flowers is the best order.

You can also add the triangular pieces to the underside of the roof, but DO NOT add the roof yet!

Side of gift box

Fill Your Gift Box with Goodies, and THEN Seal It Up!

It’s important to keep in mind that this design is kind of like a little milk carton.  The “handle” at the top of the gift box is going to be sealed before you put the roof on, so you must get your goodies inside the gift box before you close it and add the roof.

When you glue the top closed, make sure to hold it for a little longer than you think you should.  It wants to pop open and it will take it’s chance if you let it!  I think I did it for a solid 2 minutes, which feels like an eternity.  Put on a YouTube tutorial to play in the background to kill the time. 🙂 

Add goodies to gift box before sealing
Glue top of gift box shut

Put the Roof on, and Your Gift Box is Finished (and Super Cute)

There is a slit in the top of the roof piece where you can gently squeeze the top into place.  Do this gently, and slowly.  There isn’t a lot of space between the slit and the edge of the paper, so your opportunity to tear it is abundant.

Once you’ve got the roof in place, glue down both sides of the roof.

Insert roof on top of gift box

Finish off your gift box with your Mother’s Day sign.  I used some foam squares to pop it out a little.  

I’m in love.

Mother's Day Spa Gift Box

If you’d like to save yourself the changing-the-file bit and go straight to playing with glue (I hear you), I have a link to the Cricut file as I have adjusted it.  All I ask in return is for you to sign up for my email list so I can grow my circle of friends here.  You can unsubscribe anytime you like, I respect your privacy.

Once you fill in your email address, you will be emailed a link to the file which will open in Cricut automatically for you.  If you have Access, everything should be free!  If you don’t have Access yet, here is a link for you.  If you don’t know what Access is, start with this post!

Here’s a link to the video tutorial:

Materials used for this project are listed below.  Some links in this post are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  If you do, thank you in advance for your support of this blog.
Cricut cardstock used for windows, doors and shrubs
110lb kraft cardstock I used 110lb cardstock from Michael’s, but can’t find it on their website.  This link is for Amazon instead.  I’ve used this brand in heavyweight 12 by 12 paper and it was great.
Links to favorite glue and Cricut supplies are on my blog resources page here.

Love, Amanda

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