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Cricut Tutorial- Super Dad Card

By Amanda Chittenden on June 5, 2020
This Is A Super, Super Dad Card Design! You guys.  Can you stand it?  I saw this design on the Dreaming Tree website and realized that it was absolutely the perfect card for the super dad in my life, my husband Mike.  In the tutorial below, I will show you how to get this card […]

This Is A Super, Super Dad Card Design!

You guys.  Can you stand it?  I saw this design on the Dreaming Tree website and realized that it was absolutely the perfect card for the super dad in my life, my husband Mike.  In the tutorial below, I will show you how to get this card into Cricut Design Space, do very little file manipulation, and put together this super, super dad card.  This is a great file that needs nothing much from fact, I struggled to pull anything original into it at all!

There are a LOT of layers of paper in this card design, but I think it's totally worth it.  I actually also really enjoy layering paper because it puts me in the same head space as putting together a puzzle.  Anyone else?  Only with card making, when you are done with your puzzle, you have a card to gift instead of a mess to put back into a box. 🙂

So let me show you how to get here...

Finished card

Get the File From Dreaming Tree

If you are reading this in the future, this will likely not still be true, BUT for those of you reading this in advance of Father's Day 2020, this design is actually free right now if you make a purchase of $9.98 or more. UPDATE: This deal is already gone and there is a new free bundle up...but the link to the card file is here and it's $2.99 at the moment. 

Dreaming Tree does these promotions a fair amount and it's always kind of nice that the promotions typically match something you actually need when you go to search. For example, I went looking for Father's Day card designs and that was the first page.  

Hmmm...I spent $10 on other stuff and get $7 in free Father's Day cards that I was probably going to buy anyway.  Yes please.  So, I usually take these opportunities to grab a few files for upcoming projects in order to get to my $10 order and then add in the freebie.

There's a video tutorial link toward the end of this post, and in the video tutorial I show you how to get the free gift into your shopping cart.  It's not at easy and just putting it in your cart and having it come off at the end.  Get all your stuff ready to go, then DON'T put the freebie in your cart.  Seriously. I've made this mistake before and ended up with I paid for and one I didn't.  All you need to do is put "freegift" into the coupon code and it magically populates itself into your cart.

Get Super Dad Card Into Design Space

This is a pretty straightforward import into Design Space.  If you need help with the actual process of getting the card downloaded from the site and uploaded to Design Space,  I have a step by step video tutorial showing how to get third party SVG's into Design Space. I used Lori Whitlock's file as an example, but the process works the same for Dreaming Tree files.

As I said before, there's not much to be done with this card file!  The biggest thing you need to watch out for are score lines that are imported as cut marks.  You will want to select those and change them from cut to score.  The video mentioned above does this step by step with you.

You can see from the picture below that if you didn't have score marks on your card base (they grey part), you would be slicing off the sides!

Cut lines changed to score lines in Design Space

Assemble the Super Dad Card! It's Not Super Hard...

The only really tricky part about this card is getting the layering done in the right order, but I'm going to step you through it.

I started, however, by inking some of the pieces to add a little dimension.  This is a technique I use a lot and am kind of obsessed with the Colorbox Cat's Eye chalk inks.  I love that they stack and make it easy to have a bunch of options in one tower of color. 

Selectively Ink Anything You Want to Emphasize

inking card pieces before assembly

Glue Super Dad to the Inside Yellow Panel

Applying glue to Super Dad logo
Align with notch marks

The file will have marked some tiny notches on the yellow piece that show you exactly where to stick the Super Dad logo.  It's actually important that you get this piece in the right spot, because it's what peeks through his shirt when the card is closed.

Fold Your Card Base

Folding gatefold card
Perfectly align centers

For this card base, I used an 8.5 x 11 cardstock that is one of my favorites for card bases (and placecards, as seen here).  It's super sturdy and has a great pearlescent sheen to it.  In the tutorial video, I think the sheen was picked up a little better than in the photo. 

The important thing about folding a gatefold card base is lining up the center.  The magic of the gatefold card is that the design is uniform on the front.  You want to make sure the seam meets perfectly so you don't ruin the effect.

For this reason, I like to fold half of the card, and instead of using the score mark on the other side, I line up the center in the top and bottom, and then force the score line to be wherever it needs to be.  Some machines callibrate a little differently...and some papers are thicker than others, so I think this is a good habit to get into.

Add Super Dad to the Inside of the Card Base

Using double sided tape
Image peek a boo from the front

I used double sided tape to affix my inside because I didn't use cardstock for the yellow piece, I used text weight paper.  To avoid getting it all wiggly and weird, I used the smallest amount of glue I could.

I think my centering was a little off, but you still have the nice peek-a-boo effect from the front!

Stack and Glue Jacket Pieces

Largest jacket pieces first
Start with the largest jacket pieces first.
Add lapel pieces
Add lapel pieces second.
Collar pieces next
Third, add the collar pieces.
Add the tie
Last, add the tie pieces.

Assemble the Neck and Chin...But Don't Do It Backwards Like I Almost Did

Neck piecces only fit one way
The 2 neck pieces only fit 1 way, so that part is easy enough.
Chin pieces done wrong
The chin pieces, on the other hand, are open to interpretation. THIS IS NOT the correct interpretation. 🙂
Correct chin orientation
THIS is the position in which to glue the chin pieces!

Assemble the Sleeves and Attach the Arms

Correct arm orientation
Get your arms situated in the correct position so you can add the sleeves.
Glue down sleeves
Glue down the jacket sleeves.
Add cuffs last
Finish the arms by adding the cuffs.
Attaching arms with pop dots
I used dimensional adhesive to attach the arms. Line up the knuckles when you attach them.

Add Embellishments

I used some enamel dots and Doodlebug Designs Sprinkles to make cufflinks and buttons.  The file will have given you the small star for the center of the Super Dad logo...I cut mine from Cricut glitter vinyl so it would already be a sticker.

Finally, Assemble the Belly Band and Envelope

The belly band design may be my favorite part of this design.  I HATE piecing together tiny little letter bits, but this card has been designed so the interior pieces of the letters are made with a rear panel of the same color.

This is probably easier to understand with photos...

Attach fathers day text to align with open holes
Glue the Father's Day sign onto the white part of the belly band making sure to align the inside of the letters with the holes underneath.
Attach red back piece
Then attach the red backing piece so that the red shows through the holes. This creates a complete stacked letter effect that is brilliant design!

Attach belly band rear

Slide belly band on the card bottom
You can then slide the belly band onto the bottom of the card. Try to keep it level with the base of the card to help is slide on more easily.
Fold envelope
Fold the envelope and glue the bottom flap.

Add envelope embellishment

BAM! You're Done!!

Bam! You're done!

Here Is the Link to the Video Tutorial

Materials used for this project are listed below.  Some links above and below are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  If you do, thank you in advance for your support of this blog.


 Link to Dreaming Tree file: Heavyweight pearl cardstock for card base: use this cardstock a lot, and particularly like it for placecards in addition to card bases.   Cricut cardstock: red metallic textured paper glitter vinyl:'s Eye Chalk Inks: Designs Sprinkles: Bella Home Again collection enamel dots: adhesive and dimensional adhesive squares found here in a variety of sizes:  Links to favorite glue and other supplies are on my blog resources page here:


Article written by Amanda Chittenden

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