Feedspot Top 75 Happiness Blogs! ME!!

February 25, 2020

Today It's the Blog, Not Just the Content, That Makes Me Happy

Thank you to Feedspot to featuring my blog on the Feedspot Top 75 Happiness Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2020#41, woot!  I use Feedspot to help me organize all of the blogs and websites I think are cool…and I trust them to direct me to new ones that I will also like.  So I am THRILLED to have made this list and to be in such good company!  

You see that glow on my cheeks in the pic above? I’m going to start calling that “the Feedspot glow” (can I trademark that?)  I started this blog with the intention of sharing the things I do that make me happy, and to hopefully help my readers do the same.  If I inspire you to try a project or cookie design that you might not have considered before, that’s a win.  If I even just entertain you because you like watching OTHER people do those things, that’s a win.  I enjoy it too, I have watched hour long videos of people organizing their craft rooms, because I like to see what ideas other people have, and that’s one reason I love the blogoshere so much.  There are SO many people, and SO many ideas, it’s just the best.  

Today’s lesson for yours truly, is that while the blogging experience itself has been tech heavy with a gigantic learning curve, I can add it to my list of things that make me happy.

So thank you to Feedspot for the shout out, and thank you for those of you who have elected to come on this journey with me. I’m grateful for the love, for the shout outs, for the shares, for the comments, and for the encouragement! 

Working on some fun St. Patty’s Day cookies, so come back soon for those. đŸ™‚



  • renĂ©e February 25, 2020 at 2:00 PM

    yay!!! you (and your blog) make me happy, so it’s only fitting that you are publicly acknowledged for inducing happiness! love you and all you do!!

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