Freshly’s Delivery Instead of the Grocery Store During COVID-19?

March 13, 2020

Coronavirus Got You Worried About Grocery Store Visits? Meal Delivery May Be the Answer.

So, I haven’t yet made any mention of COVID-19, and indeed talking about it and seeing the global implications does NOT make me happy…but I felt like I would drop a short blog post with one of the things we are doing.  It’s a small thing, but it’s a thing. 

Over the last few days, I’ve stopped into big chain stores to try to grab a few things like rubbing alcohol (because I was going to DIY some hand sanitizer and make cute labels with the Cricut and pass them along to loved ones, and blog it for you guys), but it’s ALL GONE, just like half of the other things on the shelves.  The grocery stores are full of people shopping in gloves, and while I have been uber-careful to wipe down grocery carts before I start shopping, I am finding it difficult to stop touching my face.  Does anyone else have this issue?  Why is it that my face feels so itchy when I’m actively trying not to touch it? It’s like there is a phantom hair whisping around in front of me…  

My in-laws are on the older side and living in a community with other similarly aged folks, and we have encouraged them to have their groceries delivered, because of the sensitivity that population has to this COVID-19. But we are also signing them up for Freshly’s, at least for awhile, to get through this particular time.

We’ve tried most of the meal delivery services, and meal prep kits, that are on the market, and the one we have become most attached to is Freshly’s.  Primarily, it’s a super easy way to get dinner quickly without having to eat fast food.  During the work week when timing is tight, and we are struggling to get home from work, pick up our son, feed him dinner AND get him to basketball practice by 7, popping a Freshly’s meal into the microwave is really helpful.  

Freshly’s are not frozen meals, they are refrigerated, but ready to cook.  They are all gluten free, if that’s something that is a concern for you.  As someone without gluten issues, I will say that I don’t notice the gluten-free-ness for the most part.  And so I thought I would just send this out in case it was an option you wanted to consider, if not for your own family (indeed, we may all have a little more time on our hands at home to cook!), then for some of the more delicate members of our population that we don’t necessarily want going out into the world for groceries. 

I am not a Freshly’s affiliate, so this is not an affiliate link, but since we have been Freshly’s customers for many many months, I can share my referral link with you.  They will send me a coupon (disclosure!) but they will give you $40 off.  The link below will get you 6 dinners a week for $39, and is good for 2 weeks, which is $20 off each week.

Like I said, it’s not a big thing, but it’s a thing…and if it keeps Grandma and Grandpa off the streets for awhile, it’s worth it! My favorite is the mahi-mahi with romanesco sauce (which is not always available), and my husband is a fan of the steak peppercorn with sauteed carrots and green beans, for what it’s worth.  Freshly’s has a way of making these meals so when they are microwaved, the proteins aren’t weird and tough.  They also suggest that you take them out of the microwave and put them on a real plate, which we do.  It does make the experience feel a little more…cozy?

Stay safe everyone!

Love, Amanda

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