Fun and Son-Episode 1: National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab

February 3, 2020

Fun and Son-Episode 1: National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab

When I decided to start my blog and YouTube channel I don’t think anyone (other than me) was more excited than my son, Spencer.  I’m sure the exciting part for him was the YouTube part, since YouTube is life, but he immediately wanted to know what he could help with.  

“Can we play Minecraft together online?”  (uh oh)
“Can we review toys?”(double uh oh)

You can see the direction the conversation was headed.  None of those things fell into the construct of my blog or channel, but it also didn’t seem like something I should be able to readily say no to.  Those of you who are parents know how many opportunities we have to say no to things, but “what can I do to help?” is too endearing a here we are. 

We are going to intermittently provide some DIY and/or Lifestyle segments, which Spencer has named “Fun and Son”.  

SO, understanding that this is a little off-brand for me, I hope you will do us both the courtesy of giving them a shot.  I’ll try to keep them brief and try to edit in enough goofiness to keep them light and entertaining.  He’s a ham and he seems to like the camera, so at least you won’t have to watch a shy kid who doesn’t want to speak. 🙂

I think next up is bath bombs from the Grow & Make bath bombs kit!

In the meantime, here is the YouTube video with our first episode. 


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