Nature Scavenger Hunt

April 29, 2020

Who Needs an Outdoor Activity?

We interupt your regularly scheduled Cricut tutorial to bring you a fun lifestyle post, a nature scavenger hunt!

I think I speak for all parents everywhere when I say that keeping the kids off of an electronic device during this particular time is difficult, particularly while parents are trying to work.  I don’t know about you, but I desperately needed an outdoor activity.  In fact, before I even publish this post, I’m likely to need another one. 

If you follow my blog and YouTube channel, you will have heard me talk about Lia Griffith before.  She’s kind of amazing, and one of those people I feel like I would be friends with if we met in real life, you know?  Anyway, Lia posted a nature scavenger hunt on her blog and offered it up to us all for free.  I thought I would share that link with you, as well as the fruits of our scavenger hunt! Lia Griffith’s free printable scavenger hunt.  I also feel that it’s my duty as a fan, and someone who is a lot like you, if you are here reading this, that once you get to the site you might get stuck there for 45 minutes…there’s a raging amount of cuteness.

Little Bits of Things

Lia arranged the scavenger hunt items into little squares so you could cut them up and put them on something like an egg carton to collect your findings. scavenger hunt photo

I was pretty positive that if I implemented this particular form of scavenger hunt, I was going to end up with an egg carton full of dead bugs and muddy things in my house, so I made an adjustment.

I took the scavenger hunt somewhat virtual.  We still got outside and walked around for over an hour looking for stuff, but when we found our items, we took a picture to “collect” them.

So, our printed scavenger hunt page ended up being more of a coverall bingo card. 🙂

The Thrill of the Hunt

Looking at the list of items we needed, there were some that Spencer and I thought for sure we wouldn’t be able to find, like a shell.  We don’t live near a beach, we are in a residential neighborhood, and I thought short of finding shells in someone’s landscaping display, it probably wasn’t going to happen.

Spencer did not take that as an answer, and actually ended up discoverying a creative solution to this issue.  For him, the hunt was ON and he was going to prevail!

This was his “shell”.  Frankly, I can’t argue with him…it’s a shell of something, it’s just not the seashell I had in my head.

That’s it, in a nutshell.  (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

Nut shell of some kind

Scavenger Hunt Results Collection

Here are some of our other finds, which I’ll include, because nature is pretty and if you are stuck inside while you are reading this, maybe it will make you happy.

Green leaf
Green leaf
Pine needles
Pine needles
red leaves
Red leaves
Seed / pod
Yellow leaf
Yellow it was waiting for this scavenger hunt so it could be found!
Bug - he blends in a lot, but he's right in the center of the image. This is the bug I didn't want in my house. 🙂
brown leaf
Brown leaf

The Final Hunt for an Elusive Feather

Pretty, huh?  But you may notice that this is 16, plus the “shell” is 17…and there are 18 items in our scavenger hunt.

We could not find a feather to save our lives.  We followed the sound of chirping birds into the woods, hoping there would be a stray feather on the ground, but we got nothing.  Plenty of birds, zero feathers. 

Luckily, we were able to be a little creative again.  When we got back home, there was a feather on the couch cushion!  I put it outside so we could “hunt” it.  

It felt better to check all the boxes, but admittedly it was a sneaky solution!

Couch feather
Couch feather in the wild

But there you have it, a couch feather “in the wild”.

If you try this scavenger hunt, enjoy!  I was honestly amazed by the assortment of things all around us that we don’t bother to look at.  

Love, Amanda

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