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Perfect Pumpkin Paper Projects

October 23, 2020

A Pair of Perfect Pumpkin Paper Projects!

You might say I picked a pair of perfect pumpkin paper projects!  Go ahead and say it, it’s kind of fun. 🙂  Today’s post is all about these two super-fun Cricut projects, the pumpkin pie slice placecard and the filigree pumpkin lantern.

You might be saying to yourself “this is kind of a lot of pumpkin paper projectsfor one blog post”. And I would say back to you “yes, I know…I goofed”. 😉  I truly intended for these 2 projects to be 2 separate posts, but life got in the way.  I was able to get the pumpkin pie slice placecard tutorial video up on YouTube last week, but the blog post never happened. 

To the one, maybe two, of you who were actually looking for a blog post last Friday, I apologize.  To the rest of you, let’s just pretend I picked a perfect pair of pumpkin paper projects just for this single post. Ok? 

First Part of the Pair: The Pumpkin Pie Slice Placecard

If you caught my last blog post on the pumpkin napkin fold, you are already well on your way to having a super-fun table at your next soiree. 

BUT, if you’d like a next-level experience, try the pumpkin pie slice placecard too!  This design is actually a pie box in Cricut Design Space.  I shrunk it down, simplified the sides a little, and added some names.  

It’s not the fastest project, but it’s so stinkin’ cute.  In fact, it’s so stinkin’ cute that when I made them for Thanksgiving last year, some of my guests told me they took them home, added a hook, and hung them on the Christmas tree.  As you can imagine, this makes me happy on many levels!

Entire Pie of pumpkin pie slice placecards

If you have Cricut Access, the base pie box file will be free.  I’ve also saved my version of the file so you can skip the work (if you like) and just add your own names to my file!

Here is the link to my file, which should also be free for you if you have Cricut Access.

There is a video tutorial for you, as usual.  I honestly believe that video is the best way to explain this project.  The camera is nice and close so you can see all of the tiny folding of the pumpkin pie slices and paper whipped cream!

Second Part of the Pair: Filigree Pumpkin Paper Lantern

I love a good Fall decoration project.  To me, it’s kind of the beginning of celebration season when the Halloween decor goes up.

When you can manage to find a project that also LIGHTS UP, bonus.

This project is a design from SVG Cuts and it’s really lovely all lit up.  See? 

Lit filigree pumpkin paper lantern

Once again, not the fastest project to do, but SO SATISFYING.  I feel legit pride when I walk by it. In my mind, I’m doing that thing when you exhale on your knuckles and shine them on your shirt… 🙂

I can’t give you this file design for free because it’s not mine to give!  You can purchase it here from   And once you buy it, you can make as many perfect paper pumpkin lanterns as your heart desires.  

How much fun would this be to take for a hostess gift if we ever get to spend time with other people again?


Filigree paper pumpkin project

Once again, there is a video tutorial pasted below.  You need to hunker down with a beverage and some music and have a few dedicated hours to get this one done.  

Not gonna lie, it’s a time-sucker.  However, I found putting the globe pieces together was VERY relaxing.  I found myself at the end of the project surprised that I was done (like in that way when you drive somewhere and can’t remember how you got there)!

Materials Lists

I will paste the material lists for each project below.  Many of the links below are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase using any of the links, I may received a small commission.  If you do, thank you for your support of this blog. 🙂

Perfect Paper Pumpkin Pie Slice Placecard Supplies: 

Cricut Glitter Pen:
Cricut Explore Air:
Cricut Access:
Cricut cardstock:
Foam Adhesive Circles:


Perfect Paper Pumpkin Lantern Supplies:

Cricut Explore Air:
Cricut Access:
Cricut cardstock:
Echo Park Warm & Fuzzy solids pack woodgrain:
Remote control lantern lights – Amazon sells just a 2 pack, which is helpful:
Paper covered wire:
Little precision tip glue bottles:
Also, Halloween nails featured in video, “Bats Amore!”:

Love, Amanda

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