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Using Digital Paper

By Amanda Chittenden on February 12, 2021
What Is Digital Paper? This is a fun project and a fun post to write, because digital paper opens up all kinds of crafting possibilities without the need to purchase and store tons of paper packs! Digital paper is pretty cool, and sounds really confusing.  I remember when I first heard the term, I thought […]

What Is Digital Paper?

This is a fun project and a fun post to write, because digital paper opens up all kinds of crafting possibilities without the need to purchase and store tons of paper packs!

Digital paper is pretty cool, and sounds really confusing.  I remember when I first heard the term, I thought "but I need REAL paper to make a card".  I thought I was going to end up making some kind of virtual card, or e-card to email to someone.  I didn't know how cool digital paper actually was!

Digital paper is a paper design captured in a digital file.  When you open a file, it looks like this:

Digital paper file example

Obviously, this file is one of flower carts.  But just imagine this file was your regular 12x12 piece of cardstock.  How would you use it?

Using Digital Paper

In the video tutorial linked below, I'm going to show you one of the easiest ways to use digital paper.

Personally, I think digital paper is a lifesaver, and I know I should use it more than I do.  

There's a strange anomaly in my craft room whereby I have a bazillion (technical term) of paper packs for various holidays and in various colors and textures, etc.  For some reason, I DON'T HAVE VALENTINE PACKS.

It's not like I don't like Valentine's Day, or like I don't make Valentine's...but this is now the second Valentine's Day in a row where I didn't prepare and get some Valentine's Day-specific papers in order to make some cards. 

Digital paper to the rescue! 

#1 Print It OUt and Use as Printed Cardstock

This is probably the most common way to use digital paper.  You literally download the file and print it on your home printer onto a piece of paper or cardstock or whatever you are using for your project.

So you are basically just using your printer to create a patterned paper as if you had purchased a paper pack (except this one is likely 8.5 x 11 if you are using your home printer). 

If you choose this option, you would just complete your project as you would any normal Cricut project.  When the time comes to load this pattern of paper, put the printed digital paper on the mat and you're in business! 

#2 Save the Digital File and Import the Pattern Where You Need It

This is the process I'm going to take you through in my tutorial.  I download the digital paper, upload it into Cricut Design Space, and use it to make a cute patterned card base.

Here's what I mean by that.  This is the simple Valentine card design I chose from Cricut Design Space:

Cricut Design Space Valentine screenshot

I would like the red part to be a cool Valentine-y pattern, but I don't have any paper that fits the bill.

Using digital paper, I upload the file into Design Space, and apply it to the card!

Digital paper pattern applied to Cricut Design Space File

See? Now my paper pattern is IN my Cricut file.  When I go to put this card on the mat, it'll be there ready to print and use for my card base. 🙂

# To Add Embellishments

Perhaps you are saying to yourself, "self, I don't think I'd enjoy digital paper, because I really like getting my paper packs and having all of those cute pages of stickers or embellishments in my paper pack".

WELLLL...that option is also covered for you in the world of digital paper.

In the case of my Valentine card project, I kept my envelope paper plain, but I downloaded a bunch of digital embellishments to decorate it.

Digital paper embellishments

The truck, farm fresh sign and wood heart did not appear in Design Space...they are digital paper elements that I downloaded with my digital paper pack and added into my design during the tutorial!

Where Do You Get Digital Paper?

Now that you are thinking to yourself "self, maybe I should give this a shot", you might next wonder how to go about finding some of this magical paper.

Truth is, you can Google digital paper and end up with a sea of absolutely lovely options.  Even if you went to Etsy and just searched for digital paper you would find a TON of designers who design awesome original stuff to sell.  That is a GREAT resource and obviously an awesome way to support a small business. 

BUT, there is a site that I frequent for digital paper, and I want to share it with you.

This is not in any way sponsored, but I realized as I was filming my tutorial that it sounded that way.  I'm just a big fan and their site is easy to use, so I wanted to share it with you. 

Additionally, I'm a giant fan of some of the major paper designers like Echo Park, Carta Bella, and Bo Bunny. All of them can be found in this one spot! 

I love the coordinated paper packs.
I'm a sucker for the embellishments.
I have TOO MUCH of it in my life, and yet I can't seem to dispose of the patterns I don't ever use.  

Is this you? 

The site I love for digital paper is called Snap Click Supply. You can snap, click your way to physical paper packs by all of the awesome designers; OR you can snap, click your way into a digital version for much less cost.

Snap Click Supply screenshot

Here is a screenshot for one of the digital paper packs that I purchased. Looks just the ones that come IRL. 🙂  This one is $3.99 but there is a 50% off sale for Valentine's Day, so it was 2 bucks!

The Digital Paper Video Tutorial

Fully interested in trying it out?  Enough chit-chat from me then, I'll give you the video link below so you can watch!

In the video, we will do the following:

  1. Pick some digital paper
  2. Pick some digital embellishments
  3. Purchase and download them
  4. Upload them to Cricut Design Space
  5. Apply them to the Valentine card design
  6. Cut out the card design and digital paper pieces
  7. Assemble the valentine

Materials used for this project are listed below.  Some links are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  If you do, thank you in advance for your support of this blog.


Heavyweight pearl cardstock for white card elements: I use this cardstock a lot, and particularly like it for placecards and card bases.   

Cricut Explore Air: 

Cricut Access: 

Cricut cardstock:

Rainbow rhinestone sticker sheet:

Bo Bunny sparkly bits:

Additional resources can be found on my resources page here: A Mandatory Activity Papercraft Resources Page


Article written by Amanda Chittenden

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