Want to Learn Brush Lettering?

March 20, 2020

FREE Brush Lettering Class at Scrapbook.com!

You’ve seen those incredibly popular brush scripted signs used for decor, or on t-shirts, or on cards, and even on cookies, right?  Here are some examples of brush lettering fonts…

Brush lettering fonts are everywhere these days and I can’t say that I mind.  I used to think I wanted to learn calligraphy, but every time I looked into it, I decided it was a little too rigid for me. That statement is not meant to offend any calligraphers out there, quite the opposite.  Calligraphy is an artform, and it’s lovely, and if you’ve ever had the chance to watch a real calligraphy artist work (I had that chance in college), it’s absolutely mesmerizing.  When I tried to do it, however, I couldn’t get my markmaking uniform enough, I usually ended up with something that looked like a cross between calligraphy and my own handwriting (or my Grandma’s).  It just wasn’t right.  Since I knew that wasn’t the goal, I always felt like I’d failed and eventually stopped trying. 

BUT NOW, there are all of these very popular brush lettering techniques, with lovely free-form letters that are all kind of different and unique.  So maybe we’re back in business?  I tried my hand at this a couple of years ago with this cookie set below, and quickly decided that this was NOT something that was going to come naturally to me either.  If I couldn’t do it on paper, how the heck could I expect to do it with icing?  

In order to get through these cookies, I cheated. 
I used a projector. 🤷‍♀️

Brush lettering on baby cookies

My point in sharing these is that I think if we can learn brush lettering, and become comfortable with the ways in which your hand applies pressure and releases pressure, it shouldn’t matter what medium we are using.  Maybe you’re making a cookie, maybe you’re making a card, maybe you’re designing a t-shirt?  Maybe you just think it will be meditative and take your mind off of things (holding hand up).  Regardless of your reason, if you have the interest, now’s your chance.

Don’t you love it when your email brings you exactly what you want on any given day?  Or maybe it gives you something you didn’t even know you wanted?  Well, my email today contained a messages from Scrapbook.com (ok, every day there is an email from Scrapbook.com, we’re close like that), and in that email it asked me if I wanted to learn brush lettering from one of the masters, Kelly, of Kelly Creates.  I DO, I DO!

Scrapbook.com is hosting free courses right now, and one of them is here, Kelly’s class (I’ll imbed the link in the BRUSH LETTERED “crafty” inspiration below).

Scrapbook.com is an affiliate of mine (I told you, we’re close like that), and while I do a lot of my shopping on their website and think they have an awesome collection of goodies, I didn’t know they had so many classes!  I got excited and inspired and wanted to share with you guys.  I think I’ll take some time this weekend and watch Kelly Creates magically brush letter things as she teaches me…. there are thick pens and thin pens and water pens and metallic pens (insert the “Whole New World” song in your head here).

If you try it out, send some pics.  I’d love to see what you create! [email protected]



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