Fun and Son-Episode 2: DIY Bath Bomb Kit

March 29, 2020

DIY Bath Bomb Kit from Grow and Make

Spencer and I set out to make bath bombs with the DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit from Grow and Make. If you’re new to my blog, or my YouTube channel, you have probably not seen Episode 1 of Fun and Son, or heard of it’s genesis, but you have found us at Episode 2, and we’re glad you’re here!

We set out with the intention of making some bath bombs for ourselves, and some extras to use for Mother’s Day gifts, and we had a little bit of a struggle along the way, but that allows us to share some insight with you if you want to give it a try.  Failure is important…I just finished drafting a blog post on the subject that is going up soon.

Grow and Make is an affiliate of mine (no need to bury the affiliate statement, the links here are affiliate links), but I paid for the kit on my own, it was not sent to me and this is not a sponsored post.  The products are fun and the ingredients are natural and their website is really pretty.  It’s one of those sites where you start poking around and suddenly 45 minutes has been lost and there’s a ton of stuff in your cart that you have to figure out how to edit into a “now” and “next time” pile.  As someone who ALSO has some interest in new and exciting Mandatory Activities like making soap and candles, I got pretty excited about these kits.

The bath bomb kit from Grow and Make contains enough ingredients to make 2 batches of 6 bath bombs, with fun fragrant rose petals, calendula leaves, and lavender buds.  The whole process smelled heavenly.  We made a few mistakes with our first batch of 6 though.  Here’s what happened first:

Not ideal.  Also, not the end of the world…in a way, we kind of ended up with 12 bath bombs. 🙂  At least, that’s what I told Spencer.

But it wasn’t a complete failure…we got one perfect bath bomb. 

The one perfect bath bomb led to about 10 minutes of gloating. 🙂 

But the fact that we got one, and that it was Spencer’s got me thinking that it was one of the earlier ones we made…and that it was likely we had spent too much time talking and let the mixture dry out too much.

We tried again with the remaining ingredients, and used a little extra liquid.  I also reached out to Grow and Make to ask if we had done something wrong and they advised that humudity can play a big role in the success.  The kit instructions say to mix until it’s the consistency of sand, but for me, on a kind of dry day in Maryland, that means pretty wet sand.  If I compare it to something, it’s like the top layer of wet beach sand.  It’s not the sloppy wet beach sand you put in your mold for a sandcastle, it’s like 12 inches further into the dry area of the beach.  Kinda like this texture:

THAT texture, my friends, is what led to our bath bomb success. 


Unfortunately, bath bomb success also meant a “victory dance”.  If you want to see that trainwreck of a dance, you’ll have to go watch the video.  I could barely keep myself from editing it out, I’m certainly not going to grab an even more embarrassing freeze frame and post it here. 🙂  We hope you enjoy!


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